Friday, November 26, 2010

there is nothing called as being self-less

yes there is nothing called as self less. It just dawned upon me. when i , you, or anyone on this earth says that i have'nt done this for myself but someone else, I have sacrificed and all that, does not hold true.

The logic goes this way - for example, I help a person cross the road. why? because somewhere in my second standard, my teacher has told me, it is a good thing to help people cross the road. (who cannot themselves). you will feel good. I feel good.

I feel good when I help a specially able person to do something. i take part in some charity activity at least once in my life.I feel good. I feel good when I look after my little child. Off course i dont expect her to do the same for me or give me something in return. I am already getting what i want. satisfaction deep within.

So what if I don't earn anything materialistically? I earn a lot. I earn the self - satisfaction which is a higher need as per the Maslow's hierarchy of human needs. Today my basic need is satisfied, i yearn to do something meaningful in life. Then I want to do something without any material gain.
But this gain much much more than any material gain ever. I dont feel the need to be paid back. I feel good. My soul is satisfied.