Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flies on our(?) food

there goes a fly..
runs around the food.
gets in his own food
and disturbs ours..
we think the fly made our food bad.. because we think the fly is bad.
because it sits on anything and come..
what if the flies form a colony of only being staying clean and living around in the house .. what if they informed us that they are gonna be clean?
Will we allow them to stay?

It just came to mind.. we decide everything on the trust that a person builds, or in this case the fly would build.. but then will our minds which are so conditioned accept the fact there is a clean soceity of flies which can survive on very little chunks of food in our house..they survive and we do??
Whose is the food by the way? ours? who makes the food? the basic grain?
nature .. then is it the fundamental right of the fly to eat even witout asking us?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rohini and Ketki

ketki came to support me whenever i was in trouble irrespective of her appointments. there was a time when she even shared a room with me just to support me. she has been a friend from 6 years now. she was with me on the day my mom died. it gave me so much of a morale boosting.
rohini is a new friend. but i can see the amount of care she imparts. i am feeling so supported and good because of her. she keeps laughing and smiling. she wants make me smile and make me more comfortable in life.
what is it that make them help me? i think its the purity of their heart. they endorse the importance of having friends. they are so very important.
what is it that makes friends. there are times when you simply click with a person and stay together. you simply feel so much trust in that person.
sometimes it just comes to mind, where does this divinty of friendship come from. from wherever but it truly beautiful. people comfort each other and express love. what on the earth is true love? i think this is what it it. being for another person so selflessly.
thanks a ton rohini and thanks a tonn ketki.(i know they will not even like me saying thanks)but i definitely i owe them so much.thanks to God too for giving me such good friends on this earth.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

life and death

I just read this in the Times of India
Death is separation of the soul from the physical body. Death becomes the starting point of a new and better life. Death merely opens the door to
Soul-body separationa higher form of life; it is only the gateway to a fuller life.

Birth and death are jugglery of maya. He who is born begins to die. He who dies begins to live. Life is death and death is life. Birth and death are merely doors of entry and exit on the stage of this world. In reality no one comes, no one goes. Brahmn or the eternal alone exists.

Just as you move from one house to another house, the soul passes from one body to another to gain experience. Just as a man casting off worn-out garments takes new ones, so the dweller in this body, casting off worn-out bodies, enters into others that are new.

and I also read, you become fearless when you lose what you feared the most. is it that your responsibility towards the most posessed reduces?
I think my mom's death has made me understand (i knew it but knowing by reading somewhere and understanding is different)that the body we live in is so immaterial. It is just there. whats more important is the soul. I do not know whether it stays but the deeds do.

was just reading a lot on all this since my mom's death. felt like sharing on the web.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

so sudden..but so much real

my dad called up to come over immediately. i went and i saw her going. leaving this world, me. i saw that every little movement that she made when she was on the ventilator. every movement and i prayed please back to normal and come to life. after seeing this for continous three days i saw the pulse rate dropping and i knew this was it. i did not want to see her i didnt. it was too early for her to die.
but this is also true tht how can i decide or who am i to decide whether it was too early?
i saw my mom dying and i could do nothing. the doctors tried. they could do nothing.
it was a clear heart failure on the 18th september 10:34.she could now rest in peace.i know she's in peace than she ever was on this earth.and maybe in a better state?

the customs of the 12th, 10th day are just to pacify the people around. the tradition of asthi visarjan just made me realise what we are. after we die. we are just those pieces of bones left. where's that life?
where does it come from. and where does it go?

i do not know and never will.