Friday, July 10, 2009

what if there are no problems?

We had this wonderful course on systems thinking by Mr.Dinesh Korjan. Systems thinking is a way of solving complex problems. we learned how to map the problems and then solve them. try and come to a workable solution.
It just came to my mind... we come to being, and we start having problems. then we start finding solutions. e.g. transportation was a problem so Ford invented the car, James invented the steam engine,etc.. little did he know, that his solution was going to be a huge problem today..a major contributor to global warming.but then is global warming truly a problem? Yes it is going to affect the world..but will we be alive to see it? my group worked on old age problems. although while working we thought the best solution would be 'marna' or dying. but when it came to presenting it, i was simply unble to list down the reasons why they should die. I felt it was just being very selfish and insensitive. here my sensitivity towards the problem was high. it became a problem to me. i actually burst in tears because i just could nt bear the idea thinking of someone it anyone.
but i needed to be more strong may be..that was the solution of my problem..
eventually i now truly believe, if i had no problem to solve, then what would i do in life? this actually helped me look at the problem as not being a problem but an integral part of our lives. now i think it will be much easier for me to look at problems and hurdles in life as them being my own than being imposed on me.
All thanks to mr.Dinesh Korjan.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Autumn and sonata

the movie. i just saw it. it was more about a struggle of individuals wanting to get each others love. a mother and her daughters. the mother being ambitious enough to neglect the household.(thats wht the daughter felt.) The mother kept feeling home sick. But by the time she tried spending in some time with the family, the family had drifted away.Not being timely in this case really made a cause of hatred towards her.
I was just wondering, was she really wrong? I do not deny the relationships that everyone shares.. everyone is someone's someone. there is some or the other relation.then what is it that needs to be done in such a situation. The society today really demands a lot from women. They should be very well at home, manage relationships, and manage the challenges outside home. In such a situation, i think a human being (here i want to mention that women are human beings as well) can really do specific things at a time. Not to mention the multi-tasking ability of women, but how much can they multi-task.
But then the daughter was also right. she wanted her share of her mothers time. She thinking tht way was quite natural, so was the thinking of the mother. I could really not come to a conclusion, as to wht is it tht is true life, or living life for ourselves (because we are not gonna get this life again)or for others (because we are not gonnna get the same people again)..

Saturday, July 4, 2009

does money and comfort really go together?

we had this fabulous discussion with a reknowned designer 'Amit Paul' yesterday. He has designed various automobiles. One thing tht just striked me during his presentation, was he had modified some cars. In those he had given some very comfortable seating arrangement to the CEO's car. And there was a comment that this comfort is needed by the top positioned people etc.etc.
it came to my mind, do we really need a lot comfort when we start earning better? In fact do they as well? Is it a need? Does going to a higher post change our basic body structure? Why arent people from the urban, so called sophisticated society comfortable to sit on the ground? Go barefooted in the fields? Why cant just be humans and not be categorised as rich, poor, sophisticated, crude..whatever? Is it so difficult to talk to anyone in life. Why do the people from a specific class look down to another?
Aren't we the same species?
I completely believe in the concept of survival of the fittest. i believe there is a natural competitive behaviour to do good. But who keeps us away from people who arent doing good. Why is the comfort necessary? In fact, this comfort causes even more health problems. Do the people being comfortable actually acknowledge the comfort....And even if they do, how will it matter?